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We all understand that security protection is as strong as its weakest link. Unlike other providers on the internet today, our innovative security design takes into consideration many aspects of the process, ranging from infrastructure, data transmission, access control and storage, and also includes storing data and file names separately as part of the security algorithm that generates the data image that maps to the actual file. More...
Australian owned and designed
EzyVault has been proudly designed and developed in Australia and is owned by an Australian company. Our dedicated development team is based in Melbourne  and  data storage  is
                  all securely located in Australia.
Environment Friendly
We at EzyVault recognise our responsibility as a global citizen and are committed to improving energy efficiency to minimise our collective
                  impact on the environment. More...
A not so unusual story
Last year I came home one night and my wife told me my home computer wasn’t working. After further investigation by my local computer experts they told me the hard drive had become corrupted and we needed a new one. Unfortunately, we were unable to retrieve any data and we lost the lot: wedding photos, homework, family photos, music files, everything. It’s quite an experience and one I will not go through again. More...

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