We all understand that security protection is as strong as its weakest link. Unlike other providers on the internet today, our innovative security design takes into consideration many aspects of the process, ranging from infrastructure, data transmission, access control and storage, and also includes storing data and file names separately as part of the security algorithm that generates the data image that maps to the actual file. No hacker or computer device can locate your critical files even if they could gain access to the storage area.

EzyVault data security protection uses military grade algorithms and equipment coupled with our unique technological innovations to provide our EzyVault users complete end to end protection of their critical data.

We are using 128-bit encryption for the data transfer between the client computer and our servers, the files are then stored behind industry strength firewalls. The structure, identifiers and location are stored in enterprise grade secure databases. This information is removed from the physical files and replaced with 256-bit encrypted values before storage. The physical files are only retrieved when a download command is issued. Files can only be downloaded after a full security check has confirmed that the user downloading the file has the authority/access to do so.

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